Welcome to Element HighEdit

Element High is a school established for those blessed by the jewel of the Deos. Special establishments have been placed around much like this one to ensure the safety of themselves, and those around them.

Here, children will learn to utilize the gifts of the Deos. They will learn to control their gifts and find ways they can use them to benefit the world around them. Full staffed dorms will be provided and each room will be set with two people.

The dorms are seperated into male and female departments, due to the age range among the students, we are required to separate them as such. For more information, continue below and please, enjoy your stay at Element High. 

Gift of the DeosEdit

The gifts are represented among the users in an easy to identify fashion. Small jewel like substances are embedded in the skin of their user, the size of such is usually no larger than a quarter. The area it is displayed is different for each host.

This jewel is present during birth and signifies that you are blessed by one of the many Deos. To distinquish the power the jewel holds, you must look at the shape and color of the jewel. 


The jewels come in a few variant sizes, square, triangle, and other. 


The color of the jewel depicts the element it stores. Colors range from Red, blue, yellow, green, black, and brown. 


Students will be broken up into class arangements. Not based on their element, but upon their experience with the element. 


The students will learn about the Deos they get their power from.


Students will learn of the horrible acts of those known as harvesters.

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